eCommerce Software:

Ecommerce software is a tool that manages all online store processes, manage inventory, adds or removes products, updating of them, process payments, order tracking, taxes, and many more. The e-commerce platform usually offers all the things mentioned above to run an e-commerce business online. It has made our lives much easy with built-in features for managing the front and back end on one platform. Ecommerce introduced many other e-commerce software. They are most of the known e-commerce platforms for online selling. Other platforms do have some constraints as they are less customizable if you think from a user perspective. It provides fewer options to the user to customize themes according to their choice. Also, it doesn’t support CMS (Content management system), and at last, it is a bit pricy for the users to renew the subscription every other month. When we think of running an e-commerce store, we look for money-saving tips. Users will prefer any best price e-commerce software platforms for future purposes. These days new launched e-commerce platform named Tijarah.   These days it is an era of mobile technology. People have preferred to switch their business to mobile commerce as well. Mobile eCommerce has generated more customers the online business owner. People tend to use and order more through their mobile by just a single click away.

Basic features of an eCommerce platforms:

Ecommerce software has a wide range of features and functions that streamline and support the many aspects of online selling. The features of the e-commerce software are:
  • Automation: The checkout process, including accurate computation of pricing, taxes, shipping rates, and handling costs. It is automated calculated to give customers an immediate idea of how much they will be paying on items they select for purchase.
  • Website builder: E-commerce software can help you build the website from the ground up. It provides design templates for you to quickly create a professional-looking website and storefront based on your preferences without the need to hire commercial designers.
  • Central database: You get a centralized location for easy storing, access of product information, customer data, accounting transactions, product listings, browsing histories, and payment and shipping status.
  • Search function: Sophisticated search functions make it simple for shoppers to find the items or products they’re looking. Ecommerce platforms allow listing, categorizing, and updating new products together with descriptions, pictures, and feature lists.
  • Integration: Most e-commerce platforms can link with a variety of business software also third-party platforms and services, allowing you to manage several duties – such as accounting, email marketing, order fulfillment, and payment processing – from a single platform.
  • Tools for marketing: You may use your e-commerce software to improve the marketing, advertising, and branding of your website. You may create targeted marketing, SEO optimization methods, and branding/image reinforcement using many tools.
  • Reporting and analytics: eCommerce software may assist you in analyzing and identifying trends and patterns that influence client purchasing habits. Along with this, offering statistics and insights into customer demographics, keywords, and clickstreams.

What are the Advantages of eCommerce Software? How to choose the right e-commerce platform?

The most known advantages of the e-commerce software are as follows:

Headless CMS

Headless Ready CMS is the latest innovative technology in all e-commerce platforms. Utilize the rich CMS content for your online store. Server to server connectivity with built-in API for easy deployment and integration.


These days e-commerce comes up with SaaS e-commerce solutions which remove much of the complexity from running an online business. The SaaS supplier handles product upgrades, security, hosting, PCI compliance, and all other aspects of operating your program.

How Tijarah is different than other eCommerce platforms?

Ecommerce platforms usually are hosted means they have database access. We offer direct backend access to users as well. Tijarah has multiple features than other competitors. The reason why Tijarah is better than others is its price. The other e-commerce platforms are a bit pricy, but Tijarah is very reasonable because we believe in focusing on the quality of customers rather than quantity. Tijarah offers mobile e-commerce for all customers who don’t want an e-commerce website and run their business through their mobile application. We are an AI-enabled platform. When the user adds the products, the related tags generate automatically, so the user doesn’t have to go back and forth to add them. Also, a single customer can handle his multiple companies on tijarah and track the inventory status.