For selling online, trust is the key. The more customer will trust your brand the more customer will visit your e-commerce websites and purchase online. When it comes to gaining trust online it’s more difficult than gaining the trust of a person face to face because no guarantee and authenticity can be given unless and until the customer comes and purchase is satisfied with services or product. There are some steps that can be followed to gain your customer trust and help build your sales.

  1. Build a relationship with your customers
Try to be more interactive with your customers who are visiting your age on the website, or any social media platform. Try to respond to them instantly via DM or comments or customer support chat section on the website to help them regarding their queries.
  1. Get genuine reviews from customers for branding reasons
Once the customer is on board, try to get reviews once the customer is satisfied and happy. Or ask them to review the product or give some rating to help your e-commerce website gain trust online.
  1. Display social proof
As today is an era of digital technology, we all shop through social media platforms mostly. Try to display genuine and original pictures of the product on social media pages to gain their trust and make them believe in the authenticity of your brand.
  1. Provide detailed information and shipping information
Make sure to mention all minute details about your product in the description section of them. Also, mention the shipping details such as what shipping services you are using or what are the charges and where do you deliver mostly etc. So the customer is aware of all before ordering.
  1. Provide security for online transactions
Once the customer is about to order from your ecommerce website make sure to keep the customer’s data secured. The financial information for transactional purposes should be safe and secured.
  1. Personally respond to the customers in email or messages
Try to respond to them in email or messages personal regarding order queries. If a customer is dealing with an issue regarding the order he/she placed you can tell them via email about the status and make them sure that the issue will be resolved. Also, keep them updated via email when any sale or discount is being offered on any product