Social commerce is the process of selling a product on different social media platforms. With social commerce, the entire shopping experience, from product search and survey to checkout process, takes place directly on the social media platform. Currently, social apps that enable social commerce include Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. In social commerce, you may see cute strawberry clogs in your Instagram feed. Click Buy Now to complete your purchase in the app. You can find a high-value umbrella by scrolling through the Facebook feed and clicking Buy. Once your purchase is complete, you can continue to scroll without stopping by. These are opportunities to shop directly (shopping opportunities) On the digital platforms most often used by your audience. And you should use them.  Social Commerce and E-Commerce E-commerce refers to the shopping experience through a website or a dedicated branded app. By definition, social commerce allows customers to make purchases within the social media experience. Social commerce is not e-commerce.  Social commerce is not social selling either. Social selling refers to fostering relationships on social media to create a lead list. Learn more about social selling here.  Why Social Commerce? Not sure if opening a social media store is a good idea? Here are several reasons why social commerce is worth trying:  Social Commerce Makes Shopping a Social Experience Shopping on social media gives you a much more interactive experience than regular e-commerce. Consumers can easily talk to friends when shopping, show off their hot new high-tops, comment on Aunt Jackie's new I Love My Niece T-shirt, and buy other savvy shampoos. You can read comments from others and interact directly with your favorite kelp tea brand. Social commerce may be the next best thing. Social Commerce Provides Instant Focus Groups Social Commerce not only speeds up the transaction process but also provides a great opportunity to collect feedback.  Your product catalog is available worldwide for consumers to review and discuss together. You don't need a crystal ball. Customers can easily tell what they like and what they don't like. Would you like to have your audience vote and participate in product development and inventory determination? Social Media provides clear data about who your customers are and the ability to chat with them via comments or direct messages to provide personalized customer service. What is the best platform for social commerce? Currently, there are only the best social platforms in social enterprises. However, as interests (and sales) grow, we probably look more at these social media brands and integrate the "Now" option. Social commerce platform is available are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Mostly used are these social platforms which are very common amongst the people and they shop through these platforms as well especially Facebook shop and Instagram shop which has made many online businesses successful only with Instagram consumers.