A marketing channel is a location where your company may attract new clients. Channels are divided into two categories: Paid channels are locations where you pay to display adverts to potential clients and Organic channels, such as email or social media, are areas where you may develop and share content without having to pay to get it seen. Your marketing channel mix contributes to the entire marketing strategy for your company. The majority of channels are digital marketing channels, meaning they target consumers who are online. Other channels try to reach out to individuals in person, whether it's through live events or direct mail. Here are some of the marketing channels which will be discussed individually:

  • Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is when someone earns money by promoting a product or service on their website in exchange for a commission. In a recipe blog article, a food blogger might mention their favorite baking sheet, stand mixer, or flour kind. The blogger receives a commission if a reader clicks through and purchases the item. This sort of marketing is beneficial since it leverages someone who your target audience already knows and trusts to promote your goods. Because the advice comes from someone they know and like, customers are more comfortable making a purchase.
  • Email marketing
Email marketing is the use of email to communicate with customers. During important moments for prospective consumers, you can send a one-time email to alert them to a promotion or offer, a full-fledged email campaign, or a series of emails centered on a single issue. That may be when they sign up for your email list for the first time or when you're promoting a new product launch. You'll need to establish an email list before you can send emails to potential consumers. For first-time consumers, several firms provide a one-time discount.
  • Organic search(SEO):
The technique of getting a webpage, such as a blog post, to appear in search results on a search engine like Google is known as SEO. The higher a page ranks in search results, the more visitors it will attract. It is said that "If you have a product that truly answers an issue for which people are likely looking online, "there's an obvious use case for search marketing and SEO. Because of the intent behind the visit, SEO as a marketing channel provides a more consistent revenue stream.
  • Direct mail marketing
Direct-mail marketing is when you send people a physical thing through the mail. The style and breadth of direct mail might vary. Some direct-mail ads include a coupon code on the postcard, while others may herald a new product or a promotion. Many companies continue to send comprehensive catalogues.
  • Paid ads
Paying for ads to appear on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or google ad words can help you develop your business by driving traffic to your website. Paid ads, often known as display ads, have their own set of concerns. Paid advertising prices have risen dramatically in recent years, and you'll be forced to pay to play again and again. While sponsored ads may be effective for your company, they are not as consistent as organic traffic, which grows more steadily over time. Instead, consider employing compensated content to validate a new company notion.
These marketing channels can be used to promote ecommerce business and bring more sales & traffic.